KITTY KINGDOM is 3333 uniquely generated high quality 3D kittens build by Kitty Solana.

📜Short story 📜
This is a place where there was a Kingdom. The only species that exist are kittens of various factions. One day, the kingdom was destroyed by the magical power of Dracula Kitten. Half of the kitten populations annihilated, and only 3333 species left.
This incident made a group of kittens angry and wanted to fight back Dracula and destroy his castle, so they made an alliance. The King also supported and named the alliance as The Kitty Soldier. The royal army and the Kitty Soldier decided to travel to a place called the ‘metaverse’ in search of the power to defeat Dracula and make a kitten civilizations peaceful as ever.

Supply: 3333
Mint price: public sale 1 SOL
Mint date: 14 February 2022, 15:00 UTC

⚜️Hold 2NFT will get free baby kittens NFT
⚜️$KITTY Weekly reward as like have 1 Millions $KITTY so it will be get passive income 10K $KITTY every week by holding this NFT
⚜️Stake to reduce fee on KITTY NFT Marketplace (soon)
⚜️Special APY on KITTY staking-web (soon)
by hold this NFT if you stake $KITTY on KITTY staking-web you will get more high APY.
⚜️KITTY Solana vip access on discord
By hold this NFT you will get special role on discord with verify wallet via ashera verify. And will have to access special vip channels for kitty solana early access, sneak-peek newest product, DAO vote, daily giveaway, rain etc. More details coming soon.

📌WHITELIST is open!
*Requirements to get whitelist spot: Hold > 2 Millions $KITTY and become one of kitty holder roles on kitty solana discord server:

if you join presale you will get early acess and discounted price!

just only 333 NFT on presale
also we will doing some contest to get whitelist.




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Kitty Solana

Kitty Solana

Original KITTY token on #Solana | Building strong community and focussing on utility